Zimbabwe and Lesotho

  • Upgraded Ericsson core network from Monolithic to layered architecture
  • Introduced GPRS on the network
  • Expanded the network capacity from 600K to 1.2M

Zimbabwe and Lesotho

  • Expanded the Upgraded monolithic core network to layered architecture for Ericsson

  • Expanded the Ericsson GPRS on the network.

  • Upgraded the capacity and upgraded from 600K to 1.2M both Core and RAN


Zimbabwe and Lesotho

  • Introduced prepaid roaming on all networks
  • Upgraded capacity from 1.2M to 2.4M subscribers both RAN and CORE 
  • Introduced Ericsson Charging system and Multivendor integration with ZTE and Ericsson
2010 – 2012

Zimbabwe and Lesotho

  • Introduced first 3G network to Zimbabwe
  • Introduced 3G in Lesotho
  • Introduced prepaid data roaming
  • Upgraded from 2.4 to 7.2M subscribers
  • Redeployed the network to meet growing demand on the WRAN, Core and WCDMA as well as the charging
  • Introduced MMS on the Econet network
  • Successfully implemented a number plan change of an NDC from 091 to 077
2010 – 2012


  • Rolled out 120 new LTE nodes within a month for Econet Zimbabwe to meet customer regulatory requirements
  • Introduced the first LTE network in Zimbabwe
  • Upgraded and Expanded network from 7.2M to 11.5M subscribers
  • Upgraded and expanded the WCDMA and WRAN network
  • Upgraded the charging system
  • Introduced a geographical redundant core location
  • Introduced the Ericsson charging system for Econet network


  • 200 sites 4G LTE expansion for Airtel
2021 – present

Zimbabwe and Lesotho

  • Additional 200 LTE Node B’s for Zimbabwe under Ericsson
  • Upgrading power for sites in Zimbabwe and Lesotho with modernised ZTE rectifiers

Note that projects undertaken for Afrispeed roll out projects in the past, were undertaken under the project roll out subsidiary Nytel Communication