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To use 5G technology for the benefit of society & the economy


Our Mission

Partnering to use the technology as a means to uplift society


Core Values

Integrity, honesty, compassion, people-oriented, social responsibility, innovation, collaboration & excellence


About Our Firm

We are an agile, innovative technology company looking to deliver people-centered solutions. Our people, customers and suppliers remain at the core of our business. We seek to exceed customers expectations.

Impact Of Mobile Phones in Africa

  • “Africa is a sleeping giant, about to awaken” Kofi Annan – former UN Secretary General – a few years ago
  • In the last 10 years, mobile phone technology has dramatically impacted the lives of people on our continent in various spheres;
  • Communication, access to information, education, financial services and health care
  • Mobile and tech services contributed 9% to GDP in Sub-Saharan Africa -2019;
  • $17Billion contribution to public funding, through consumer and operator taxes (2019)Mobile ecosystem – major employer – employs 650K directly, supports 1,4 Million people in informal sector, and 1.8 Million in other parts of the economy (2019-Sub-Saharan Africa).

Why 5G

  • Consumers expectations for a faster, smarter, more convenient digital experience;
  • 5G is more than higher quality streaming and lightning quick downloads;
  • Potential to support millions of devices at ultra-fast speeds;
  • 5G said to usher in 4th Industrial Revolution;
  • By 2035, 5G predicted to contribute $3,5 Trillion in 5G direct annual revenues (Qualcomm);
  • Boost Global GDP growth by $13 Trillion (compared to 2020);
  • Support 22 million jobs worldwide;
  • Potential to also transform lives of people worldwide;
  • Improving lives of people, businesses and cities through:
      • Internet of Things (IOT)-5 G can improve through digital technology- freeing up time for other duties;
      • Businesses – improving productivity and efficiency – by enabling machines to communicate with each other (IOT);
      • Cities – Smart cities – traffic monitoring, public monitoring in the event of pubic unrest, logistic management-safety and security;
      • Healthcare – numerous applications;
      • Education


    5G By the Numbers

    Low latency provides real-time interactivity, Low power consumption sustainable & devices can run for long periods, Enables an entirely ubiquitous connected world

    Launch of 5G

    x Speed of 4G

    Mbps* Download Speed


    Benefits of 5G to Governments in Africa and the world


    Benefits of 5G to society


    Benefits of 5G to Business

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